How to: Avacado

Easy to follow way to separate avocado flesh from skin! 🙂

Babyfood Makin' Mommas

Step 1: Cut avacado in half around pit and twist to seperate sides

Step 2: Hold half of avacado with pit in hand or on counter and gently tap pit with knife so knife goes a little ways into the pit. Twist your knife. If your avacado is ripe, the pit should come right out and be stuck on the knife.


Step 3: Use a spoon and scoop out however much avacado you would like to serve.

Step 4: Put serving of avacado into bowl and mash with fork until desired consistancy ( you may have to add some formula or BM if you little one is just starting solids)


Step 5: Place remaining avadaco in air tight container and put in fridge until next feeding

All in All: Avacado is one of those foods I love because it doesnt require much fore-thought.  I have found that if…

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Ripe avacado

Perfect way to tell if your avocado is ripe!

Kitchen Gadgets old and new – what I love or am thinking of getting

Ah kitchen gadgets! Many say, come the new year, out with the old and in with the new. But, I can’t bring myself to do that with most of my gadgets. This post (deviating from the last 3 go to recipe craze!) is here to ask your opinion. I love some of my gadgets, but there are some new ones I’ve been thinking of including into my collection.

The first gadget that I love is my peeler. I know, right, a peeler can do just about anything. Yes, yes, it can peel vegetables and fruit in a cinch, but I love using mine to slice cheese. You get these amazing curls or shavings.

My next favourite gadget has to be my whisk. I will use any excuse to use it. Though, I’d rather beat egg whites with my electric beater, for odd jobs around the kitchen, the whisk is a great life saver!

My other favourite gadget is my fork. And not just any fork – my big fork! I absolutely love it. I use it for poking things, beating things (it often wins out over my whisk). It does take longer, but I find nothing more satisfying than stretching out in front of the television, some batter in hand incorporating away.

Now I’ve been think about two main things to add to my collection. The first is silicone bakeware. I know that it has many benefits (health and otherwise), but wonder if any of you use it? Do you like it?

The second thing was a stand mixer. I know that these run pretty expensive, but feel as though an aspiring baker ought to have one. What do you think? Do you have one?

Also, what are your favourite gadgets in the kitchen? Share away!

Vegan Bake off? Really?!

Can I squeal?! OMFG! And the like. I cannot believe my eyes what the internet has to offer. So today, I am once again in a baking/cooking mood. I plan to make some – what I perceive to be – yummy vegetarian burgers. I’m looking to incorporate more vegetables into my lifestyle, and hopefully actually go vegetarian someday. But right now, baby steps. So tonight, the menu is Kary’s (from best recipes ever on CBC – I will link the recipe so don’t worry) Lentil and Nut burgers, oven roasted crispy potatoes, a salad and some sort of flavoured ice cream. Right now though, I’m trying out some egg-less butter biscuits. The recipe if you care to see is here: . A word to the wise: I’m using the first recipe. But I’m waiting for my butter to soften, so I thought I’d chat with y’all while waiting.


This recipe and others I’ve been browsing have peaked my interest in moving away from meats. Of course, as I type this, I’m nibbling my lunch which is the peanut pork and rice I made last night. Would you like the recipe? Of course you would. I’ll put it in later. This post is for me to ramble. I think I could give up every meat in the world. The only thing I don’t think I could give up considering the use it has in baking, are my eggs. Eggs, oh lovely eggs! They are the ties that bind! I wonder if in the future, I’m able to work with baking but no eggs. That would be an achievement I should think.


Okay, so the email that got me thinking about all this was an invitation that I got last week. It was for a vegan bake-off. So if it was for any other baking competition, I would’ve probably risen to the challenge. But with school and everything and the stringent rules they have, that scared me off. I mean sure I could make shortbread, but that scares me to no end and seriously, no butter – that would be one dry shortbread. Sigh. Oh well, I will keep trying and hopefully I’ll be able to enter that next year. Anyway, I’ll get back to you – I think the butter is melted. I’ll be back! (now imagine that in an accent!)

I’m in love!

I’m in love, my dear foodies! No, it isn’t with you. I’m in love with Joy the Baker. Okay, I’m not in love with her – more like in love with her blog. I stumbled across Joy’s blog two weeks ago when I was looking for a funky type of cookie to make.

There really is a mountain of baking I can do with her recipes. They’re so fun and so well written. The posts are witty, and very entertaining. I also feel a close connection with her because of something else. The lady was an English major, turned baker, and is self-taught. I was like, O-M-G!!! I was an English major, and love to bake! I can bake! Yeeeesss…. awesome. I need to do this. At least on the side. I want to teach (it’s my calling of sorts), but would love to open up my own bakery in the future. And so, with the year at an end, and 11 months of writing this blog (hush now, let’s pretend I was active), I have hope to do this.

Check out Joy’s amazing blog here!

Happy New Year and Happy Baking! Wish you all the luck for the year ahead!

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