A new year, a new me

Once again, it’s been a while since my last post. Since then, I’ve had something of an identity crisis when it comes to food. The advocate for animals, the new, fit me, went on something of a sabbatical. The old me, left behind, ate meat again, swamped with schoolwork, stopped exercising. As such, the year year began with me gaining twenty pounds, rather than losing that amount, and with lots less energy, and many other health issues.

Going back home for the holidays, I’ve a best friend who’s been more than blunt. There is literally no filter there. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I appreciate the honesty more than I can explain. As such, I am back to being mostly vegetarian (fish once a week, to be phased out gradually), and am exercising again. It’s only been a week, but already, I find that I have lots more energy, and a dramatic improvement on my mood. So, something must be working.

Today’s recipe can’t get any simpler. Really. One ingredient. And a food processor. That’s it. No, I’m serious…

When your bananas are just entering that ripe phase (not the full on black, but well spotted, and not really appetizing looking anymore), break it up into chunks. Using the small snack size zipper food bags, freeze each banana separately. This will literally last in the freezer for three months. It can then be used in this recipe, and in smoothies and other stuff.

When ready for a really yummy treat, defrost bananas on the countertop for ten to fifteen minutes. Use one banana for one serving. Throw bananas into the food processor. Run it. Keep going till bananas form a smooth paste. You’ll have to scrape the edges twice. Next, transfer it into a bowl. Back into the freezer it goes for ten minutes. When it’s back out, you’ll have a lovely, super healthy, banana soft serve. Enjoy!



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