How to: Avacado

Easy to follow way to separate avocado flesh from skin! 🙂

Babyfood Makin' Mommas

Step 1: Cut avacado in half around pit and twist to seperate sides

Step 2: Hold half of avacado with pit in hand or on counter and gently tap pit with knife so knife goes a little ways into the pit. Twist your knife. If your avacado is ripe, the pit should come right out and be stuck on the knife.


Step 3: Use a spoon and scoop out however much avacado you would like to serve.

Step 4: Put serving of avacado into bowl and mash with fork until desired consistancy ( you may have to add some formula or BM if you little one is just starting solids)


Step 5: Place remaining avadaco in air tight container and put in fridge until next feeding

All in All: Avacado is one of those foods I love because it doesnt require much fore-thought.  I have found that if…

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