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I know what you’re thinking… “Second post in a day?” I know, I’m shocked too!

So, the other night, I got home from school and really needed some kind of dinner… and was really lazy to actually MAKE anything. So, I had a couple of tortillas in the fridge that were close to the expiry, and wraps sounded boring. This will serve two. For only one serving, using one tortilla and wrap it over itself.


2 – 10 inch tortillas

1/2 cup vegetables (I had mushrooms, and peppers)

1/4 cup cheese grated

1/2 cup protein – The reason I say protein is that in this case I used soy, but you could use tofu, meat, or even scrambled eggs

2 tbsp. tomato sauce, or other kind of sauce


Lay a tortilla on an aluminum tray, or just something that is oven-safe. Spread sauce. Top with other ingredients. Cover with other tortilla. Bake at 400 for 10 minutes.

Now, I know this sounds simple, but you will not believe how good the finished product looks… Serve this in wedges with sour cream, salsa, guacamole (the recipe is here!), only the latter of which I had.


Looks good, doesn’t it? I know.



How to: Avacado

Easy to follow way to separate avocado flesh from skin! 🙂

Babyfood Makin' Mommas

Step 1: Cut avacado in half around pit and twist to seperate sides

Step 2: Hold half of avacado with pit in hand or on counter and gently tap pit with knife so knife goes a little ways into the pit. Twist your knife. If your avacado is ripe, the pit should come right out and be stuck on the knife.


Step 3: Use a spoon and scoop out however much avacado you would like to serve.

Step 4: Put serving of avacado into bowl and mash with fork until desired consistancy ( you may have to add some formula or BM if you little one is just starting solids)


Step 5: Place remaining avadaco in air tight container and put in fridge until next feeding

All in All: Avacado is one of those foods I love because it doesnt require much fore-thought.  I have found that if…

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Ripe avacado

Perfect way to tell if your avocado is ripe!

Avocado yuminess

Hello again!

Alright, so it’s been a week, and no post… sadness abound, I know…. Anyway, what would you say, if I told you I have 3 fabulous recipes for you… AND what would you say, if I said they could be tailored as vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegetarian? What if I added that you could probably make this stuff using whatever was in your fridge? Alright, now stop cheering (which I so know that you are), and sit down. Pay attention; this is important…

Recipe 1: Guacamole

Guac is a pretty simple recipe that all types of eaters like… it is easy to make, doesn’t have too many ingredients and it tastes pretty damn good with anything… This recipe will probably serve 2 as a snack or light meal (stay tuned for ideas on how to use it). This recipe is also, vegetarian, vegan AND raw! Eeep, sounds fun! Can you feel my bouncy excitement???


2 avocados

1/2 lemon – get a teaspoon of rind, and the juice – that’s what you’ll be using

1 medium tomato, chopped

1 medium onion, chopped

Salt to taste


Chop the onion and tomato however large you like… they can be chunks, fine, whatever… If you’re like me, and onions make you cry, go for the chunky guac. Just as tasty. Now, just a quick note on avocados. You NEED ripe ones. Like seriously, you do… I’m going to reblog two blog entries that I have found on avocados that will help with determining ripeness and showing you how to scoop out the flesh of an avocado. I cannot stress this enough… unripe = yucky guac…

Other than that, use a food processor for all your ingredients. If you are lazy (like me), get a fork and go to town. Once your avocado is to the right consistency, add the other ingredients to the bowl. MIX! I know, so difficult…

So, now, your guacamole is done – that was mind boggling, wasn’t it… But, now, comes the fun part… how do you eat it? Well, use a spoon. Yeah, totally, it tastes fine on its own. Eat with chips… if it’s chunky, use your spoon to scoop it on, or if it’s smooth, dip it. Use it as a spread – amazing in wraps, or if it’s chunky, it can actually make the filling for a wrap…  Have it on toast for breakfast. Throw it into an omelette or on a pizza…

Now, what did I learn from this posting? I learned that you do not spell avocado as avacado…


Make it and eat it in the same bowl… amazing!


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