Soup in a snap

Go to recipe 4, here we come. So what is soup? In my mind it is a sweating down of your favourite meats and vegetables, they drowned in stock. Here is a go to recipe for soup that you’ll love. And remember, use whatever you have!

2 cups meat – mystery meat, horse meat, really, use whatever you like and have

2 cups veggies – again whatever

4 cups stock – whatever kind

2 tbsp. garlic

Salt, Pepper

2 tsp. parsley or other herbs you like

1 cup of lentils or beans – again, whatever kind you have


Okay, so even though this is a go to recipe, first things first – time will make this soup better. So if you have 30 minutes, your soup will taste substantially better if you have 2 hrs.

First, add your meat to the pan. Add oil if you need to. I used bacon (out of chicken and stuff), so I got a really nice flavour to the whole soup – tasted so warm… okay I’ll stop making you jealous and move on. But before I do, I should add, I used half regular bacon and half chicken since I found that the regular became unnoticible almost (a lot of the regular bacon is fat so I didn’t add much oil either).

To that, add your garlic and other herbs. Once it’s smoking and half cooked, add your veggies. For your reference, I used mushrooms (my love!), spinach (the other love!) and green peppers. Once you do that, add your lentils (the orange or green ones don’t need to be cooked, or you can even use canned – I used uncooked orange ones which kinda disintegrated…). Now add all the stock and bring it to a boil. Add your salt/pepper. Once it’s boiling, turn the heat down to medium. Simmer for at least 30mins, or up to two hours.

Once it’s done, ante up the spice, leave it like that, add some fresh herbs, it’s up to you. I added this Scotch Bonnet hot sauce (from Grace which I seem to be putting on everything these days) and some fresh lime juice. So, enjoy this soup and alter it to fit not only your tastes but whatever is in your refrigerator!


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