Vegan Bake off? Really?!

Can I squeal?! OMFG! And the like. I cannot believe my eyes what the internet has to offer. So today, I am once again in a baking/cooking mood. I plan to make some – what I perceive to be – yummy vegetarian burgers. I’m looking to incorporate more vegetables into my lifestyle, and hopefully actually go vegetarian someday. But right now, baby steps. So tonight, the menu is Kary’s (from best recipes ever on CBC – I will link the recipe so don’t worry) Lentil and Nut burgers, oven roasted crispy potatoes, a salad and some sort of flavoured ice cream. Right now though, I’m trying out some egg-less butter biscuits. The recipe if you care to see is here: . A word to the wise: I’m using the first recipe. But I’m waiting for my butter to soften, so I thought I’d chat with y’all while waiting.


This recipe and others I’ve been browsing have peaked my interest in moving away from meats. Of course, as I type this, I’m nibbling my lunch which is the peanut pork and rice I made last night. Would you like the recipe? Of course you would. I’ll put it in later. This post is for me to ramble. I think I could give up every meat in the world. The only thing I don’t think I could give up considering the use it has in baking, are my eggs. Eggs, oh lovely eggs! They are the ties that bind! I wonder if in the future, I’m able to work with baking but no eggs. That would be an achievement I should think.


Okay, so the email that got me thinking about all this was an invitation that I got last week. It was for a vegan bake-off. So if it was for any other baking competition, I would’ve probably risen to the challenge. But with school and everything and the stringent rules they have, that scared me off. I mean sure I could make shortbread, but that scares me to no end and seriously, no butter – that would be one dry shortbread. Sigh. Oh well, I will keep trying and hopefully I’ll be able to enter that next year. Anyway, I’ll get back to you – I think the butter is melted. I’ll be back! (now imagine that in an accent!)


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