Update and more coming

My dear foodies,

I believe I ought to offer an explanation for the lack of posting. Yes, this occurs to me two months after my last post, I know, but I didn’t want to update until I knew for sure when I would be posting again. I have been quite busy with final papers and exams, but since those finish mid next week, I think it’s fair to promise you a post by Friday. Rest assured, I have made several things during these last couple of months (handy phone allows me to get tons of pictures), and I have numerous recipes/food experiences to share with all of you. In addition, by the time I post next, I will also set up an email account that will allow you to send me feedback on my posts, ask questions, and share anything else you may want to. I will be sure to let you know the email address next time. Please be patient, get ready to try new dishes and invite your friends to subscribe to the blog by clicking the nifty button to the left.

Thank you!


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